White, Jack
Pinckney, MI
Artist Statement
Simple Flowers In this series of 20 prints I was influenced by the flower images of Robert Mapplethorpe and the minimalism of mid-century modern art. My intent was to create simple, subtlety humorous portraits, in natural light, that used simple structure and style to complement the organic complexity of flowers. Borrowing on Mapplethorpe?s focus on form, pose, and composition I incorporating some of the archetypes of mid-century modern design into my work. In natural light I have substituted simple paper shapes for structured lighting and I have used vases and arrangements that compliment the flowers. These images were shot using a 4x5 field camera and are produced as ink-jet images on natural matte paper. Jack White is retired engineer who now devotes full time to landscape and fine art photography. Jack works primarily in black and white using both digital and large-format film cameras and produces archival images on an ink-jet printer. Jack is currently enrolled in the Washtenaw Community College program in photography.
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