U, Chuck
Minneapolis, MI
Artist Statement
Chuck U is a painter, illustrator and muralist from Minneapolis, Minnesota who specializes in whimsical yet intricate works that celebrate the unusual and unexpected. His pieces are populated with fanciful flora, fauna and unusual landscapes that are playful yet masterful and aim to spark imagination and joy in the viewer. Chuck's prints utilize a combination of traditional pen and ink technique with digital coloring applications that are printed digitally or as limited edition screen prints. His paintings and murals are approached with a similar sensibility but take on a life of their own transporting the viewer with scale, color, and the skillful line work that has become his signature. Influenced by artists such as Eastman and Laird, MC Escher, and James Jean, Chuck U continues to bring his own mix of the delightfully unpredictable with the intricately elaborate to create works that are boisterous, witty and memorable.
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