Canterbury, John (Jay)
Holmes Beach, FL
Artist Statement
Natural Abstracts.Abstract Extractions All of my work consists of photographs; some on film, some digital. None have been manipulated for effect. I photograph all of my subjects as I find them, in available light. Some of my most valuable photographic tools are: my ability to frame what I see in my subject so that others can see it; my ability to be present and aware of my surroundings, and my willingness to stop at the first sign of unsuspected beauty in some ordinary, humble object; rust on sheet metal, paint rings on a table, a scratch on a car bumper; flaking paint on a steel tank. I�??ve learned to follow my instincts so as not to miss a masterpiece, as I have done from time to time, to my regret. I am an artist, and the camera is my brush. Most people who view my photos think they are abstract paintings until I explain what they are, and how they reflect my philosophical and spiritual view of the world. For me, my work is all about seeing the world more whole-ly (or Holy, if you dare); I am always looking for the beauty in all things, especially things that are usually seen as unworthy of attention. With each of the photos I have submitted is a brief description of the object and an estimate of its size; they range from very large to very small. My website,, is in the process of being restored after having been damaged by a hacker; however, I hope to have it back in order soon.
Booth : A238
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2009 , 2010 , 2012 , 2013 , 2014 , 2016 , 2018
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