Manikhong, Souphong
Sacramento, CA
Artist Statement
The unique artistry is based on my own perception of nature. Using the talents as both an artist and craftsman I strive to create something extraordinary. Each of my pieces are created from the various exotic Rosewoods. Ebonies and Burls of my native Laos. In each of my creations the inspiration of nature, a leaf blown by the wind or a single flower can be seen. Through recognizing and following the natural flow of the of the wood I am able to use the combined methods of turning, carving, sculpting, and sanding to shape the various pieces of naturally fallen timber: trunk, roots and branch unions. The essence of the wood, both color and texture, is brought out in the lustrous veneer, a result of several coats of tung oil applied, and covered with renaissance wax, rubbed and buffed by hand.
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