Piellusch, Margaret
Kalamazoo, MI
Artist Statement
Participating as a member of the New Art, New Artist College Student Program. These paintings are an extension of a conceptual exploration through various media, including sound and video installation. The chosen paintings are exemplary of the applied techniques, though I do have a variety of similar compositions in varying sizes. The content is resultant of a particular improvised process, realized through extensive experimentation, and repeated to create a similar effect. In these paintings, I am drawn to the effects that emphasize the essential beauty of the static medium - texture, color, and the illusion of depth. Though the expression of this procedure seems in want of arriving at minimalism, the work is visually complex and dynamic. The conceptual tension of manipulating "essentialism" to manifest a "multiplicity" that the work is interested in representing. My interest in Feminist Philosophy is deeply embedded in the work, particularly the conflicting/coinciding writings of Luce Irigaray and Judith Butler.
Booth : 101
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