Sabzi, Mahmood
Thousand Oaks, CA
Artist Statement
My art stands for my heart and my heart is both in the East and the West. I am not a diligent planner but forms flow out of me and always after the fact, I notice how much of me is intertextual and intercultural. Most of my works lie somewhere between memory and dream; between my emotions and my rational perspectives. In my works objects of various characters merge and conflate and become new forms while each maintaining its original integrity and character. I am also attracted to the epic structures of both the East and the West. I find the signs that define a culture highly interesting and often I wonder if these signs are real or just the concoctions of our fantasies. What people often do not understand about my works is that my paintings are not just the conflations of various cultural signs but also the deep sense of the exile and above all, the idea of alienation and of loss.
Booth : A222
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