Artwork by Rachel Gervais  


Are you a Michigan college student who would like to gain professional Art Fair knowledge and experience, for free?

One of the special programs of the Original Ann Arbor Art Fair is our New Art, New Artists (NANA) College Student Mentoring Program. The goal of this program is to nurture young artists who wish to establish themselves in a professional visual arts career. After submitting work and being selected through a jury process, eight college artists are selected to participate in the Art Fair each year. We are proud to showcase the work of some of Michigan’s most talented college artists.

The selected NANA artists begin working together as they design a shared booth and support one another in successful sales. Our NANA college students are involved in one-on-one mentoring from the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, the Original staff from the time of acceptance in April until the Fair in July.  Our student artists participate in meetings where they learn to present their artwork in an aesthetic manner, write a successful Artist Statement, how to design an art fair booth and tips in interacting with the public in selling their artwork.  Each student is also paired with an experienced Art Fair Artist Mentor to whom they have the availability to learn from.  These mentors have years of experience and have the ability to answer questions about art, (pricing work, how much work to make, hanging and framing details) logistics, (eye catching displays, how many extension cords to bring, where I park) and even how to support yourself as an Art Fair Artist. Many of these relationships turn into year-long mentorships as they help these young artists break into their artist ventures.  The eight NANA artists work together as they design their shared booth and support one another in successful sales.

Every year the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair is pleased with the exceptional young artists that have taken advantage of this wonderful program.  We have had many students move on to become professional Art Fair Artists and watching their success makes us very proud.

Make sure you visit our NANA booth (A200) located on Ingall’s Mall at the corner of North University.


Amy Ferguson
The College for Creative Studies
Digital Art

Amira Givens
Eastern Michigan University
Digital Art

Jean Lin
University of Michigan


Nolan Loh
University of Michigan
Wood & Painting

Emily LoPresto
College for Creative Studies

Ron Ostezan
University of Michigan
Digital Art

Hedy Yang
University of Michigan

Sophia Adalaine Zhou
Washtenaw Community College



NANA artists from every year have gone on to have extremely successful careers in the Arts!  We are so honored to have been part of these young  artists paths.


Amber Harrison,

Artist, Craftsman, Designer, Sculptor, Jeweler



"I was lucky enough to be part of the New Art, New Artist group right after graduation from the University of Michigan, School of Art and Design. The AASAF was the launching pad that helped my fine arts career begin. I gained access to mentors, resources, and an education in a field that doesn’t have many open doors. Because of the experience with AASAF I exhibited at the Philadelphia Museum of Art Contemporary Craft Show in 2014. I am proud and so happy to be part of the AASAF because of their standards in selection of talent and quality in the work that is displayed every year. The group of artists that frequent the AASAF, who I get to now call my friends, are truly some of the best in the country, and the reason I keep coming back!"                                                             

Jake Blok



Taylor Mazer



Tefari Stevenson-Howard


Ruth Marks,
Non-profit Housing Executive Assistant, Artist, Founding Director of FLY Children’s Art Center

"I really really loved being in the Emerging artists group at the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair. It was an amazing way to learn the skills needed to run my own booth the following year as an actual artist in the same fair. I learned how to interact with guests in the booth and I got to meet other artists participating in the fair. My current career does not really reflect my experience in the fair, however, I am still very grateful for my experience as an Emerging Artist."

Austen Brantley


Janelle Songer


Cody Erickson

Sophia Zhou

Alex Jacque,

"So far in my career I’ve worn many hats, and currently my title is simply "Designer." More specifically though I’m a Product Designer. Generally, that means that I design interfaces and user flows for apps. While I didn’t launch into a fine arts career, and while the art fair circuit isn’t necessarily for me, AASAF helped me realize that I still do quite enjoy making, talking about, and selling my work in a capacity other than as just a freelance designer. There’s something really enjoyable about seeing someone use or appreciate something that I’ve produced—be it photograph, typeface, app, or screen print—and AASAF was where I got that first taste."

Stephanie Bracciano