Parker, James
Rochester Hills, MI
Artist Statement
The eldest son of a South Dakota historian, photographer Jim Parker has always been fascinated by the architectural detritus and geologic history of the West. As an explorer, he uses his lens and camera to examine interesting manmade and natural subjects. As an artist, he's interested in the effects of the passage of time on a human scale. His recent work, "Stories Told in Things Left Behind," focuses on interior spaces and prairie landscapes. Quirky juxtapositions & peaceful grasslands highlight Parker's images. Whether photographing patterns of wind and water in a desert canyon, or focusing on the textures of a faded ranch, the photographer's visual commentary echoes the politics, history and cultures that collided in America's Westward expansion. Parker also shoots closer to home, where he is currently developing a series of photographs portraying Michigan, his home state. Using small format cameras to photograph his subjects, Parker also handles his own edition printing in sepia-tones and color, using Epson printers & fine art papers. Parker has won numerous awards in the eight years he's been actively participating in art fairs, including an Award of Honor at Winter Park; Best in Show at Ann Arbor (State Street), and other national festivals.
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