Art Activity Zone




Due to COVID safety precautions, there won't be an Art Activity Zone in 2021.


2019 Art Activity Zone

Create your own works of art in the Art Activity Zone, located on Ingalls Mall, near E. Washington between Thayer and Fletcher. This area is open Thurs. – Sat., 11am – 6pm and Sunday, noon – 6pm.
The following family-friendly art projects are open to all ages and free to the public.

Activities hosted by:


Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA)


Simple Adornments

An adornment is any type of accessory, ornament, or jewelry worn by someone to enhance their beauty or status. They can be worn to define cultural, social or religious status, or to embellish, enhance or distinguish the wearer. Adornment items have also been used by warriors and military members to show achievement or rank. These items are usually colorful and designed to attract attention. Create and take home your own.


University of Michigan Museum of Natural History


CAPS! Community Awareness Plastic Solutions 

Eighty percent of the plastic debris polluting our waterways, originated on land. Plastic trash gets picked up by the wind or washes out to sea from our beaches, streets and highways.  This is a participatory art mural. Participants will help to create a large mural from recycled materials that will emphasize the issue of plastic in our waterways. The mural will be displayed at the museum in November. 


Clay Work Studio


Clay, Play, Create

Ceramic art is a term used to describe decorative objects made out of clay or similar natural materials. In some cases, these objects may be functional such as tiles, cups, bowls, and tea pots. Experiment with clay and build anything you wish from a pinch pot to an animal shape while experienced instructors help you through the creative process. Clay donated by Rovin Ceramics.