Street Performers




Due to COVID safety precautions, there will be no Street Performers in 2021.


For decades, the Street Art Fair has featured lively street performances to engage our strolling audience. While marveling at the high quality art featured at our fair, keep an eye out for our talented street performers:

2019 Street Performers

Mr. B

2019 marks the 40th year that Mr. B has been a part of the Street Art Fair - the Original!

Forty years ago a tall young man dragged an upright piano to the corner of South University and East University Avenues, in the middle of the Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, and started to play. He went by the name Mr. B and he’s been back every year since.

In 2003 the Original Street Art Fair relocated to the North University side of the Diag and Mark Braun (aka Mr. B) came along and has become an official tradition of the Fair. Recently, Mr. B acquired a bicycle equipped with a flatbed trailer to pull along his 352 pound piano. Mr. B has brought his unique musical style to our streets. You’ll find Mr. B and his guest players all day, every day on N. University.

More information about Mr. B and pictures of his performances at the Fair can be found at:


Bob Culbertson


Bob Culbertson began playing the Stick over 30 years ago, and since then he has sold over 100,000 albums and taught several hundred students. The Stick is a ten to twelve-string instrument that bears both guitar and bass elements. The player taps the strings with their fingertips to make sound vibrations, similar to playing a piano. Each hand moves independently of the other to produce a rich blend of melodies, bass and chords.

His musical style ranges from light jazz with folk and blues flavor to classical with Spanish, contemporary and traditional influences. Bob has toured in nearly every state in the US as well as over fifteen countries worldwide with popular acts including the Doobie Brothers, Robin Trower, Robben Ford, Eric Martin, Tuck and Patti and Steve Morse.

Click here to visit Bob’s website.