Mesic-Mackie, Janet
Chicago, IL
Artist Statement
Simply taking a moment in time and transforming it to a printed image: it was that simple magic that was the initial inspiration and began my photographic journey. Understanding that the real magic is the "moment" is what photography has taught me to recognize, This understanding has driven my attention and created a deep love for the medium. That love has evolved into the challenge of taking that single moment and creating meaning within a greater context. Two major interests of mine are nature and culture; two subjects that are not always in harmony. It's like having children, though their personalities may differ I love them equally. It's the contrast of the mystery and magic of nature on the one hand and all of the signifiers in human culture that identify who we are, where we live, and what we love on the other. With in these broad parameters (and combined singular moments) I strive to express the deeper themes of, freedom, passion, dreams and myth. Overall, my goal is to create works that not only speak conceptually but also reflect these themes as fleeting sensations.
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