Ebertz, Melanie & Wilbur Quispe
Stillwater, MN
Artist Statement
Master Weaver Wilber Quispe & Designer Melanie Ebertz have been working together in Peru, since the mid-nineties. While Wilber has been weaving since he was twelve, together they took it to another level when they started visiting museums in Lima, studying the fine workmanship of the renowned weavers of Pre-Columbian cultures. Those museum visits inspired Wilber to perfect his weaving quality and Melanie´┐Ż??s contemporary designs. As they learned that the secret to the museum quality was in the skill of the wool spinners, they also made a commitment to find the best hand-spinners in the Andes. Their handwoven textiles are heirloom, infused with the spirit of the Andes.
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